Haze vs Age

The older I am, the more it can take, to get to the places, I’ve been before.

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An Unwanted Time

It’s hard to be sober in the morning for more than a couple of hours, it just seems so unnatural to start the day without something.

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Book Covers

When you look like a junkie, you get a certain level of personal freedom. People expect that you’re no good for anyone, so they tend to leave you alone.

No one asks me for the time, or starts inane conversations with me while I’m in line at the store. It’s nice to generally be avoided as I go about my day, the only trouble is when I want to talk to someone, I have to find another junkie.

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The Difference

Smoking weed and drinking always makes me feel the difference. I mean when you’re drunk you’re different, but you don’t know you’re different. The weed lets you see that difference, and feel it.

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A Warm Place

The bath is a great place to shoot up, it’s warm and cozy, peaceful and quiet. All in all I highly recommend it for a nice relaxing time contemplating the ways of the world.

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Fighting Eyelids

I got in a fight last night, and didn’t feel a thing… Until today of course.

I just wish I could remember who I was fighting with, cuz I’ll bet we’ll meet again someday, and I’d rather be prepared next time.

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Early Starts

Still haven’t finished from yesterday, and now I’m starting early today. That’s the way you do it if you want to see the windsongs.

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Life Lessen

I feel so small, like a nickel in a world of quarters and half dollars.

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I found a dime bag of some powder today on the bus, it could be any number of things, but I’ll do it anyway. I’m nearly sure it will be awesome.


It was.

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Pill Party

I get bored with drinking sometimes, so this week I decided not to have any alcohol. As a result, I’ve had more pills than I knew I could handle, but that wasn’t going to stop me from taking them.

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Drunk Tank

The best thing about being in the drunk tank on a Wednesday is you often get it all to yourself.

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Three Mile Dumpster

I woke up outside on the street today, covered in garbage. I must have been in a dumpster for a while, it’s the only thing that makes sense. What’s worse is, I’m not 100% sure where I got to last night. All I know is I was about three miles from my place.

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Flavor of Floss

Not only am I seeing flavors, I can hear their distinct sounds. Candy floss is an E flat.

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The Blues

Walking the streets today I met a new dealer, he seems like a good one. His variety was amazing, so I went on a bit of a shopping spree. I’ve never even seen weed that looks this blue, but I know now that it’s incredible.

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Lord of Dance

I usually wake up nicely after a night of coke, but I guess I usually don’t dance like that either. Maybe I should quit dancing, it’s getting to be too much for my body.

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River Toss

I got to throw up in a river yesterday, and I really recommend it. It’s great to see it float away and be left with clean water to wash your face in.

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Good of the Bad

I went out last night with some people who I suppose would be called bad influences, but it really depends on your perspective.. I like to think of them as free spirits.  However, when free spirits are involved silliness always ensues.

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The Joy of the Average

Drinking always makes me feel free. Freedom from ordinary hang-ups and circumstantial what-nots, and the lack of concern for others breathes life into a simple day.

The joy of the average is a hard thing to overrate.

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Opening Day

It’s hard sometimes, just to wake up without a drug. The whole day is largely determined by the decisions in the first minutes of being awake.

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